Our Services for startups

For start-ups without an accounting team

Your company probably doesn't have a bookkeeper (yet). We will ensure the core bookeeping done right. We will deal with monthly bookkeeping,  cashflow projections, GST/HST filing, WSIB returns and annual corporate tax return. We can also do your payroll. 

We will work with the leadership team to ensure that the company's accounting infrastructure is aligned with the overall strategy for the company.

This will enable founders and investors make sound decisions and illustrate their business story by the financial statemens.  From $600 per month.

For start-ups with a small accounting team

Perhaps you already have a controller in place, but they don't have any bookkeepers to help them out. Or perhaps they don't have the resources to implement a new system to help scale operations. We can work alongside the controller to ensure that the more routine bookkeeping/transactional tasks are done on time. This will free up your controller's time, allowing them to focus on more strategic projects.

Also, if you only have a junior bookkeeper or accountant, we can help you manage them so that financial operations align with the company's goals. We will also train and mentor your junior accounting personnel to ensure they are happy and growing at your company. Custom (yet affordable) price - please contact us!